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Importance of knowing the true value of your business

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Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Valuation is a prerequisite at the time of change in business ownership or an external finance is required for restructuring or expansion, when an opportunity to merge arises or when shareholders are quitting or a new partner is walking in and needs to know his share of investment etc.

For an investor to invest, it is necessary to evaluate the value of business in the most realistic manner. Thus, a valuation report is a requisite tool to attract potential investors

Investor’s Perspective

A valuation helps the potential buyer/investor to forecast the approximate rate of return on investment and hence acquire the best investment openings

Valuation helps to know the business plan in detail and challenge/negotiate potential risk factors that might have an impact on the business

Factors considered in valuing a business
  • History and nature of business
  • Promoter and management strength
  • Uniqueness/innovation element
  • Customer loyalty
  • Supplier relations
  • Competitive landscape
  • Economic outlook
  • Financials and projections

Try our free tool to value your business

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  • EBITDA multiple valuation
  • Valuation support
  • Net assets based valuation
  • Customized valuation report
  • Discounted cash flow based valuation
  • Information memorandum
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